The project intends to produce evidences and present data that show a correlation between Gender and Trade. Based on that technical and institutional capacity will be built to ensure Gender is taken into account and also ways are identified to support women as individuals and in cooperatives, SMEs, family business or corporates, to find their place equally with men in their economies including in Trade markets, their societies and families. Appropriate means material and tools will be made available for that purpose and strategic interventions implemented at regional and country levels.

Three main results/outputs are planned to be realised at the end of the inception & pilot phase. The multi-level results to be achieved during this period are listed and detailed with related activities and sub-activities in the matrix of the project and could be summarised as follows:

Output 1: “Gender and Trade appropriate Knowledge is produced and made available for sensitisation, policy making and strategic planning”

  • Development of relevant methodology, tools and knowledge:

Output 2: A priority-based strategic framework of interventions on Gender Mainstreaming in Trade towards Equality validated.

  • Selection of priorities for the purpose of strategic interventions

Output 3: # of Gender & Trade networks and coalitions set up to conduct evidence-based policy dialogue and advocacy for change campaign towards mainstreaming gender equality in economic policies and trade agreements.

  • Action for change towards Gender Equality motivated by the produced evidences.

Capacity building will be crosscutting intervention at each level of the results matrix. Examples will be provided accordingly.